Open Shop

What is Open Shop?

In an industry dominated by retail operations, Cycles for Change’s Community Open Shop is unique because it focuses on educating community members in do-it-yourself bicycle mechanics.

Our Community Open Shops are staffed by our expert mechanics. We work with patrons to evaluate the bicycle, and then talk them through fixing what needs to be repaired–anything from pumping the tires to overhauling a bottom bracket. 

Open Shop is offered twice a week (Wed 4-7pm, Sat 1-6pm). Additionally, we offer Grease Rag (Femme/Transgender/Women/Non-Binary) Open Shop on Tuesdays 5-8pm. Please refer to the website side bar for our most up to date hours.

What to expect when you arrive

Open Shop is located at our Minneapolis shop at 2010 26th Avenue South. Please bring your bike to our classroom space at the back of the shop and sign in at the computer. We will work with you to assess your bicycle, figure out what needs fixing, and break down bigger projects into manageable tasks. Our focus is on hands-off teaching–you’ll be holding the wrench, not us–but we’ll be there to guide you through the repairs and answer questions. If you need a part, we have a range of price options from quality used parts to new parts.

We have 7 stands available in the classroom, but when it’s busy they can fill up fast. You may have to wait for a stand, but we have couches and tea/hot water available while you wait. When folks are waiting, we’ll ask that you limit your time in the work stand to 2 hours. Some projects can take more than one Open Shop visit to complete. Winter can be a good time to work on bigger or more involved projects.

Cycles for Change has single stall, all-gender bathrooms.

How much does Open Shop cost?

No one will be turned away for inability to pay for Open Shop. We suggest a $2-20/hour to help cover staff time, use of the space and tools, and as a way to keep supporting this and other programming at Cycles for Change.

Please donate if you are able to–your donation helps support the work we do!

Why is Open Shop important?

Open Shop furthers our work around making bikes affordable, accessible, and sustainable.

Transportation is a large portion of many people’s expenses. Open Shop provides an opportunity to fix up your bicycle for a close-to-free choice of transportation.

We welcome everyone — regardless of prior mechanical knowledge, background, or ability to pay — to join us in bicycle and mechanics education. We want everyone in our community to have access to bicycles as a reliable, inexpensive, environmental-friendly, and fun transportation option.

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