What we stand for

In June of 2013, Cycles for Change began a process of re-evaluating our organization’s mission, vision, and strategic direction. Thanks to a grant from the Management Improvement Fund of the St. Paul Foundation, C4C was able to work with consultant and long-time C4C supporter Anne Carroll, who guided C4C board, staff, program participants, youth, and neighbors in a robust process of identifying a set of strategic goals and organizational values. We changed our mission and vision statements to more clearly and strongly reflect our organization’s vision and direction. And we set out a set of goals that will guide us in the next 5 years. Here’s what we came up with!

Mission: to build a diverse and empowered community of bicyclists

Vision: Cycles for Change envisions a Twin Cities region where:

  • Everyone has access to a bicycle and the tools and knowledge to ride safely and confidently
  • Bicycling has transformed the streets and paths of the Twin Cities into places where everyone feels safe and connected to their community
  • Bicycle-friendly communities make jobs, education, and economic mobility available to all
  • Bicycling helps people live healthy, empowered lives
  • Racial and gender equity is a cornerstone of our transportation system


Cycles for Change values:

  • Equity and justice in the bicycling movement
  • Innovation in our thinking and in our work
  • Collaboration with our stakeholders in all we do
  • Empowerment of individuals and communities to reach their goals

Goals and Key Strategies

Cycles for Change is a trusted community resource

  1. Work toward racial justice in organizational systems and structures
  2. Strengthen connections with neighborhoods that surround the shop
  3. Deepen organizational accountability systems and communicate them effectively
  4. Partner with other nonprofits and community organizations sharing similar goals and values

Our participants are healthy, mobile, and community connected

  1. Support community members to see bicycles as a tool for health and mobility
  2. Deliver bicycle access and education programs that match the needs, experiences, and perspectives of our participants
  3. Support participants to connect with each other and their communities
  4. Connect participants with engagement and leadership opportunities

Our participants advance equity in the bicycling movement

  1. Build a network of participant and volunteer advocates working for equity and justice
  2. Connect participants with engagement and leadership opportunities
  3. Participate in collaborative advocacy efforts

The cycling community reflects our community’s diversity

  1. Deliver effective bicycle access and education programming that engages underrepresented communities
  2. Train participants as leaders and educators promoting biking in their communities
  3. Expand our impact to reach more people
  4. Support other nonprofits to deliver our bicycle programs
  5. Support program graduates to continue bicycling long term

Cycles for Change is financially stable

  1. Build a broad and diverse funding base
  2. Increase earned and unrestricted income
  3. Engage staff, board, and participants in building financial sustainability
  4. Provide fee-based services to efforts that align with our goals

Cycles for Change has a high-performing board and staff

  1. Diversify board and staff leadership to include women and people of color
  2. Increase retention of skilled and dedicated staff members
  3. Continually improve staff management and board governance
  4. Enhance board capacity to leverage  resources and networks

Find out more about many of the core Cycles for Change programs in the left-hand sidebar. If you have any specific questions, feel free to email info@cyclesforchange.org.

Cycles for Change loves volunteers! Help us keep our programs free and open to the public by volunteering with us. Email volunteer@cyclesforchange.org with your volunteer interests.