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    The Community Partners Bike Library operates out of two locations: Cycles for Change and the Bike Library warehouse. The warehouse is located at 2647 37th Ave S. in Minneapolis. Scroll down the page or click "Our Location" in the menu above for detailed directions and a map to the Minneapolis warehouse.

    We are very thankful to MN2020 for creating this video about our program!


    The Community Partners Bike Library collaborates with 16 organizations in the Twin Cities Metro area to make bikes and education accessible to under-served communities, encourage lifelong bicycle-use and increase livability, health and access throughout the Twin Cities. We loan bikes through social service, government, non-profit and community institutions directly engaged with low-income community members, in particular those traditionally marginalized from the cycling world, including immigrants, women and communities of color.

    Our program currently provides fully accessorized bicycles for up to six months' loan, and child trailers for parents with young children. The Bike Library supports participants with Learn to Ride, Riding in Traffic and Basic Mechanics classes, and engages with under-served communities to build the transportation equity movement in the Twin Cities.

    At the end of the bike loan, participants have a range of options for continuation. Many participants choose to return their bike and enroll in the Bike Library again in the future, but there are additional options. Participants who "graduate" from the program may purchase their Bike Library bike at a deep discount; join Cycles for Change's Earn-a-Bike program; buy a refurbished bicycle from Cycles for Change with a one-time 25% discount coupon given to participants upon successful completion of program requirements; or renew their Bike Library loan for winter riding. Winter riders attend a workshop to learn about safety, routing and maintenance practices for winter biking; we also put studded tires on Bike Library bikes for winter riders.

    * Please note: regretfully, the Community Partners Bike Library is not able to loan bikes to individuals who are not affiliated with one of our Community Partners. If you need a bike but cannot afford to purchase one, please check out our Earn-a-Bike Program.


    The Bike Library has published a best practices guide to inspire more organizations around the country to start up bike-lending programs! Download the PDF here: Best Practices for Bike Libraries!



    Ascension Place
    Comunidades Latinas Unidas en Servicio (CLUES)
    Elders Lodge
    HCMC Day Treatment Center
    Hope Community
    Hubbs Center for Lifelong Learning
    Mujeres en Acción y Poder (Corcoran Neighborhood Organization)
    Northwest Youth and Family Services
    Sarah' Oasis for Women
    Skyline Tower (CommonBond Communities)

    RS Eden
    Waite House
    Women's Initiative for Self-Empowerment (WISE)
    Wayside House

    Neighborhood House

    St. Paul Public Housing: McDonough


    As of February 2015, this section is currently undergoing revisions and updates! Check back next month for updated information about our program's accomplishments.



    The Bike Library is currently at capacity and cannot add new partners for the 2015 year. However, we encourage interested organizations to apply to partner with our program next year. Please apply as soon as possible to ensure that your organization can get a spot in the 2016 program year.

    We aim to partner with organizations that engage directly with underrepresented communities and low-income communities. We also partner with organizations that specifically work with and empower women in order to help close the historical gender gap in the cycling community. We are also seeking to partner with organizations that prioritize and engage in leadership development, and who would like to participate in the Bike Library’s leadership development projects (including volunteer engagement, capacity building through Train-the-Trainer workshops, and mobilizing participants to attend public meetings and join our Advisory Council). Finally, we wish to partner with organizations that have the capacity to engage new riders to participate in our Learn to Ride programming and include new people in the cycling world. If you are interested in partnering with the Bike Library and making fully accessorized bikes and free mechanical support and bike skills classes available to your clients/the communities you work with, please take a moment to review the 2013 Community Partner and Patron Guidelines.

    Letter of Interest form (PDF)


    Interested in Learn to Ride classes? Please fill out this form so we can contact you about upcoming classes and volunteer opportunities!

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    How the Bike Library is making a difference!

    "I used to have to walk to work [at] four o’clock in the morning. The bike did give me some help in that it was much safer.” -- Katherine, a 2012 Bike Library patron

    “I quit smoking. I was smoking a pack a day, literally chain-smoking, and I quit.” -- Gretchen, a 2012 patron

    "Yes indeed, the Bike Library has been a tremendous help and experience; it has built me up, awakened my self-confidence and made me feel anew. Bravo!” -- Joe, a 2012 patron

    “I take volunteering very seriously. I don’t volunteer for just anyone. But your program is really wonderful and I appreciate what it’s done for me, and I want to volunteer more.” -- a 2012 patron volunteer

    “After I go for a bike ride I come home and drink water and it tastes so good! If I just sit at home I drink soda.” -- Mercedes, a 2012 patron

    “I use my bike for basically everything. I bike 10 miles to work and 10 miles back, that’s 20 miles a day. I ride my bike to a place where I can get a ride to work, because work is very far away. The bike saved my life the other day [when] I was late to work … thanks to the bike I got to the bus station in just 10 minutes and even beat the bus I thought I’d [missed].” -- Katelyn, a 2012 patron

    "The trailer was really good, it helped me take my son to school everyday. Also for carrying groceries, taking the kids to the park, it was fun for the kids because when we all rode bikes, they could say hi to everyone. It was a great beautiful thing, the trailer.” -- Mariana, a 2012 patron who borrowed a bike and a child trailer

    "I make it up hills now with out stopping, some hills I’m stopping less and less on. I breath easier, I’m losing weight, biking helps me to eat green food--- for some reason when I’m biking a lot I end up eating more green food." -- a 2012 participant

    On Learning How to Ride...

    “I never thought I could ever ride a bike on a road. I used to be afraid of cars, but now I ride with confidence.”

    “My balance has improved. My dancing has improved. I feel good contributing to the environment.”

    “The class had lots of positive reinforcement; it encouraged me.”

    “I feel more confident. I’m not there yet but it’s gotten more comfortable. It’s just getting used to it and feeling like the bike is part of you. I’ve gained more confidence … at first, when I did it, I was kind of nervous and scared. This time I didn’t feel scared.”

    “I don't know how to ride yet, but learning to balance has given me confidence.”

    “Before I thought it was really hard. Now not only with biking but with everything, if I practice, I know I can learn it.”

    "He said that, with a bicycle, he will be able to better support his child, and that biking with his child will allow them both to be more physically and mentally healthy." -- Testimonial from a staff member at one of our partner organizations in 2011

    "I have no license and no way to get around so you could imagine my frustration on having to rely on others to give me a ride, or waiting on the bus or just plain old being stuck. I would have to reschedule appointments and have too much trouble relying on everyone else. So when I borrowed the bike I felt a sense of independence. It has helped immensely with mental and physical welfare. I was diagnosed with an "emotional disorder" growing up and when I turned 18 I was diagnosed with depression. This was a huge turning point on my path to mental wellness. I was up and moving when before I would lay in bed and wait for something, anything to happen. I was involved more with my family than I had been in the past three of four years. This program has changed my life and I am sincerely grateful to the people who started this program.
    I would recommend this program to any one. Whether people are looking to save on gas prices, want an escape, time for family or just to take a ride with a care in the world. I love this program and am really glad that I was introduced to it." -- Cassie, a participant who borrowed a bike and a trailer in 2011

    "Transportation being an important issue in our community and in low income families, Sibley has provided an amazing opportunity for our young people and families. The YWCA is extremely grateful and appreciative that the Bike Library Program was able to fit so well into programming and that we were able to be a part of a movement that not only helps our planet overall but also motivates and makes health and fitness so easily accessible AND affordable.” -- Kelly, liaison at the YWCA

    The Bike Library has been a really beautiful experience for me, I had never ridden a bike in the city or in Minneapolis until last year. Before when I had lived in Mexico I had ridden a bike, but only out in the countryside. ...The Bike Library’s been very useful for me, it’s allowed me to have more independence to go from one place to another, whether it’s running errands going to the market, going to work, and it’s also been a great experience to [ride bikes] on weekends with my family.
    --Maria, a participant in 2011



    The Bike Library invites volunteer support for our 2015 program!

    The Community Partners Bike Library offers opportunities for volunteers with diverse talents.  If you would like to volunteer your time and talents as a mechanic, translator or interpreter, photographer, filmmaker/film editor or help at our events, please call 612-889-1685 or email

    We look forward to hearing from you.






      The Bike Library program has its physical location in the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis. The address of the Bike Library is 2647 37th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55406. Please call or text 612-889-1685 with any questions related to the Bike Library program, or finding directions to the Bike Library. Please note that the Bike Library will fix your Bike Library bike if you are enrolled in the program.
      Watch our 2013 Bike Library video, created by MN2020:
      • Loaned out 254 bicycles in 2012, a 15.5 percent increase from 2011’s total of 220 bikes. In addition, in 2012 we loaned out 22 trailers, a 57.1 percent increase from 2011’s total of 14 trailers loaned.
        • More than 57 percent of participants learned or relearned how to ride a bike through CPBL programming in 2012. Additionally, 89 percent of survey respondents say they improved their bike riding skills and 95 percent felt they learned more about bike safety through the CPBL.
          • Want to read more about the 2012 program? Please to read the full report. Or, check out a two-page summary of the report .